In case you’re wondering, yes, Brewerytown is a neighborhood in Philadelphia. I had the pleasure of perusing the area with some friends on one of the initial warm days of 2016, and would recommend it. But, only to those of us whom are up for perusing an area that is not consistently picturesque. In other words, this area is currently being fixed up, and to appreciate it, one must be up for a stroll that presents some beautiful and not-your-typical beautiful all at once. We loved it, though: the day required a nap at the end, and was therefore a success.

This beautiful building resides across the street from Crime & Punishment.


We ate (and drank) at Crime & Punishment Brewing Co., a meal which was given a unanimous thumbs up at the end. Everyone ordered different drinks, and found each of them an adventure in beer drinking (and I mean this in a good way!). If you’re up for something (presumably) new and interesting, ‘Disturbing the Beets’ would be a delight. Not for everyone, this is certainly full of beet flavor. The food was great, too. We opted for a few appetizers to share between my husband and I, and were pleased with our choices:

The Pickle Plate was super shareable and delicious. The two types of sausages were great – we particularly enjoyed the spicy one. Perfect portions for a small appetizer.

We also ordered a soup (I do not recall what it was called, as it was the soup of the day) containing vegetables and sausage. The Pierogies were a great addition to our meal and we were perfectly satisfied at the end. It was a great way to try a mixture of foods. Friends ordered full meals, and all seemed to be happy with their choices.

After eating, downing some beer and feeling slightly warm and toasty, we headed out for a beautiful walk on the Schuylkill River Trail. It being a Sunday and one of the first days of spring weather, it was slightly crowded. We had a great time though, and it reminded us of how amazing Philly is in the spring. The walkability of Philadelphia is one of our favorite parts of living there, and our walk was the perfect way to end an afternoon with friends.

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Just being near Boathouse Row and viewing the many different angles of the art museum were some assets of our walk. There is definitely a reason that this area is such a popular attraction. It is gorgeous, and there are so many different segways and routes to take from the trail. IMG_0669IMG_0678IMG_0693

Until the next adventure…

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