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The seasons of Philadelphia all offer their own type of wonderful. As a teacher, I probably spend the most time out and about in Philly during the summer months, as both days and nights are available for exploration. This summer has been awesome because although the days have been quite hot, the nights are cool and beautiful, making walks through the city our favorite times. (Pokemon Go adds a special piece to our walks as well.)

One of the best parts of summers in Philadelphia are the beer gardens! Some of them are traveling (Parks on Tap) and some are stationary. We had the pleasure of seeing two this past week, and they were both amazing.

There’s nothing like going to your local park and seeing that it’s been transformed into something new and wonderful:

IMG_1948Clark Park was the sight of a Traveling Beer Garden, and it was very well done. Though the beer is certainly pricier than at your typical bar, the hammock seating, picnic tables, blankets in the grass, and community feel made the visit entirely worth it. (I use past tense, as it has, since yesterday, moved on to its next location.) Just weeks ago, Matt and I visited the Traveling Beer Garden at the Japanese House in Fairmount Park, and this was also an amazing experience. Following Parks on Tap gives Philadelphians a reason to see new parks (in 7 years here, we had never visited the Japanese Tea House!) and drink great beer. So fun.

The next beer garden that we attended was Skygarten. Located at 17th and Arch, this beer garden was indoors and located on the 51st floor of one of our beautiful skyscrapers (Three Logan Square). If you’re uncomfortable with heights, this one is not for you. If you are into beautiful views and great beer, on the other hand, it is a must-visit. Skygarten is open from 5-10pm Wed. through Fri. and 6-11pm on Saturday. Another reason that we loved this one is that Bauhaus Schmitz is connected, and therefore delicious German food and beer are served.


Unfortunately, there were thunderstorms the day that we went so the outdoor viewing area was not open to Skygarten’s visitors. But, the hallway from the elevator was made of glass so the views were still accessible:

As I mentioned earlier, we walked to Skygarten. Before closing this post up, I need to share some images from that stroll. At around 6 miles round trip, we saw a ton of beautiful views on foot. The DNC was going on, so Boathouse Row was lit up:


And then there were the other views that are just always that beautiful:

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This city…

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