dates in philadelphia

Sunday night was a night to ourselves and we decided to go out to Passyunk Avenue. We had been here before with family, but decided to create a new experience out of it.

We can get to Passyunk in around 30 minutes by traveling by subway and then by foot. It’s far more preferable to driving, as we can drink as much as we wish, and the subway is far more convenient than finding a place to park. So we took the subway and walked about 5 minutes to the beautiful area of Passyunk.


I wasn’t as focused on taking pictures as I typically am, but there are a few to better explain our endeavor. We walked up and down E. Passyunk Ave. to find a place to eat, having learned our lesson in NYC about using the internet to search for restaurants. Fond (1537 S. 11th St.) immediately caught our eye, and we had a gift card and hadn’t eaten there before. (Bing Bing Dim Sum {1648 E. Passyunk Ave.} had monopolized our business the past two times we’d meandered that way, and we were determined not to go there again. It is amazing, but our sad habit of eating in the same place more than once in Philadelphia has got to stop.)

Our meal was phenomenal, but it was a more upscale place to dine in than we are used to. Bottles of wine were half off, and we took advantage of this. We then had a sausage-y appetizer and superb entrees: a scallop plate for me, and halibut for Matt. Delicious! Our dessert was a blueberry something that we were not super impressed with, but enjoyed it all the same.

Great food, even better atmosphere. We ate at a table outside of the restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed the view of the area from there. There was another restaurant across one street and a fountain across another. So nice to take advantage of outdoor seating on a beautiful night.

After our amazing meal, we headed for another drink (beer for him, ginger ale for me because yes, this was after sharing an entire bottle of wine…) and sat on stools at an open counter at Stateside. It was definitely a fun experience to sit at seats outside while being served by people inside.

img_2284From here we headed home because that was enough excitement…

…until the next day when I decided to take myself out for the day! It was Labor day and I thought I should be rewarded for the hard work that I had been doing in my 3 weeks back at school. 😉 So I ventured out to a beautiful (albeit commonly visited and somewhat typical) area of Philly: Rittenhouse!

Mimicking our memorable time in NY, my first stop from the subway was a bagel. Not even close to the exquisiteness of NY bagels, but enjoyable still. Chestnut Street Bagels (1705 Chestnut St.) is awesome – I got a bagel with lox spread and an iced chai, and both brought my morning from good to great. Chestnut Street Bagels is also awesome because they have rainbow bagels with funfetti cream cheese! I wasn’t in a sweet stuff mood so I did not indulge in this option, but I think it’d be worth trying sometime. (Although people on Yelp give it mixed reviews…) And the iced chai was the perfect drink for a somewhat crisp summer morning. Iced, yes, but nothing a sweater couldn’t fix!

I ate my bagel in Rittenhouse Square (above) and people and dog watched. I then began to read Ready Player One and got stuck in the story for a good hour. Such a great start to the morning in Rittenhouse!

From here I went shopping! There are a ton of shops in this area; here is what a typical walk down a nearby street may look like:

img_2307Blurry, but you get the point.

img_2306I didn’t go here on this day (The Dandelion – 124 S. 18th St.) but I passed it, took a picture, and it (the building) is beautiful, so here it is.

I hit Anthropologie, Barnes & Noble (for the bathroom and travel section), LOFT, and Buffalo Exchange. I tried to find a few bookstores but one was closed, one was in a building and up some floors that I was unfamiliar with, and then I gave up on the next one as it was Labor Day and one can never tell if businesses will be open anyway. (Calling was too much effort.)

Shopping leaves me tired so I headed home to read some more of the book I discovered in the park…

…a good day.


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