post-christmas philly

It’s been a while. Too long. The blogging has (temporarily) commenced, but our travels, thankfully, have not. For personal reasons, it’s been a bit more difficult to get anywhere too far from our normal lives, but we’ve ventured as much as we could. This post is more of a remembrance of a good trip than a fresh-out-of-travel-bliss writing.

On the one day that Matt and I both had off for Christmas (that we both had off at home), we took the chance to use our brand new museum membership to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We walked to the museum from West Philly, and as always, soaked up the scenery.



img_3531img_3544img_3547These images are all taken just outside of the museum, and are a good chunk of our reason for buying a membership. Such a beautiful area, and we find that we return throughout the year at different times, making each visit a new experience. (The flowers above!? Love them.)

After our photo shoot outside of the museum, we went in to enjoy a small section. Having a membership makes visiting the museum feel quite freeing, giving us the ability to witness a little at a time without feeling like we need to get our money’s worth and see it all. So we explored a few sections that we don’t see as often as the more common areas of the building.


It’s amazing. And we discovered a new perk to being a member, which is the Member’s Lounge, providing coffee and tea as well as couches, chairs, and tables on which to drink and read art books. (Tons. Of art books.)  After a long walk, we felt much appreciation for this benefit.

And to add to the beautiful day, scenery, and interior, this is what we found outside later on:


So much beauty to appreciate…

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