As a teacher, I prefer to spend Sunday evenings at home doing not much of anything. However, this past Sunday we had the opportunity to drive a DJ friend out towards Doylestown for a job, so while he DJ’d his wedding, we spent some time in Doylestown. Doylestown is about an hour north of Philly, and we’d been here before; from the Mercer Museum to the Doylestown Bookshop for the Cursed Child midnight release, it’s a place for which we definitely feel fondness. And though Matt had been to Fonthill Castle (East Court Street & Route 313) before, I had not. So we began our afternoon there!

Fonthill Castle was Henry Mercer’s home. The last tour had just left when we arrived, but we were okay with that because the grounds were lovely and a great change of scenery from our always busy Philadelphia. So we walked around for about an hour, and soaked up the beauty so unlike what we’re used to in our home.

We love that our urban neighborhood has trees, but they’re nothing like this. So walking a tree-lined path is something of a thrill for us. And then there’s the actual building (castle…?):

Beautiful and fairy-tale like.

Next we drove to downtown Doylestown. Small towns make me happy, so this was a treat. We started with Doylestown Brewery…

We each got a beer and I ordered pretzel sticks and cheese (AMAZING), and it was a good way to hold ourselves over until dinner time. It was real cold, so we walked around a bit after, but only found a small amount of toleration for the temperature and ended up in a coffee shop not long into our walk. We kicked ourselves a bit because the bookshop had closed while we had been drinking. Definitely should’ve held out for the beer and browsed first. Next time. (Since we’re not used to being out on Sundays, we definitely did not consider Sunday hours as we should have. Rookie travel mistake.)IMG_4280Next was dinner. After passing this a few times, we decided to try the Indian cuisine. IMG_4289Definitely a good choice. I was not very hungry and the meals they served ranged in size, so I was able to find a small dish (samosas!) and Matt found a larger meal. No complaints whatsoever; the food was delicious.

We are able to bear the cold, but I’d guess that we will enjoy Doylestown a bit more than we did this day when the weather warms up. However, we had no regrets after spending an enjoyable evening in quaint Doylestown. Once again, we appreciate living in a city so accessible to a slower pace of life.


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