harry potter for thanksgiving

My aunt used to ask us to take turns praying before our dinner. My four-year-old cousin prayed one day and thanked God for Harry Potter. We all laughed and thought it was adorable. Now, however, on Thanksgiving years and years later, I realize that I really am thankful for Harry Potter. Though I don’t believe I have ever actually thanked God for the books, they have served as a huge source of hope.

I think it’s appropriate, therefore, to use today to write about our visit to Chestnut Hill’s Harry Potter Festival. The festival was in October, but I haven’t had the time to write until today. I’ll start with this: we will be going back next year!

We took the train from 30th Street Station to the Chestnut Hill station. Our area of Philadelphia usually requires just taking the el (subway) so taking a train was sort of an adventure for us!



It was our first time wandering the streets of Chestnut Hill and though it was completely transformed, it was obvious that the area is charming on the most ordinary of days. Cobblestone streets lined with restaurants and small shops = Chestnut Hill.

Booths were set up along blocks and blocks of the area. Vendors selling Harry Potter-related food, crafts, books, and more set up shop for Harry Potter fans to peruse. The one downside is that the festival is so popular that it was pretty crowded. The upside of the crowds is that most people dress up! And if they’re not dressed up, most take the route of wearing (if you’re like me, one of their many) Harry Potter shirts!

We strolled the streets for a couple of hours and then went to grab food at a Pub before heading home.


Lorrie Kim was one of the vendors at the festival and signed my book for me! I’ve started reading it and think it’s definitely a fun read for anyone who likes Severus. However, I will say that some of her ideas seem a bit far-fetched (maybe far-reaching would be a better description) but I appreciate it all the same!


Note Matt’s awesome Harry Potter shirt (that I’ve now adopted as my own).

All in all it was a great day. We plan to go back next year for the Harry Potter lectures, hopefully in addition to another day strolling the streets Saturday. Highly recommended for any Harry Potter fan in the Philadelphia area!

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