…west virginian valentine…

This year’s Valentine’s Day trip was another surprise, and definitely a good one. We began with a trip to Reading Terminal where we ate breakfast, picked up food for a mystery dinner, and wandered Philadelphia for a dollar store to pick up measuring cups and a cork screw. (Which our cabin admittedly had anyway!) But any excuse to walk this city, especially during the morning on a weekday when all is calm and quiet.


When we got back in the car, Matt had to tell me where we were going, as I was the designated GPS typer. But he told me we were going to West Virginia! I was surprised, as I assumed that’d be a real far drive, bit it was about 4 hours to our cabin in Lost City and the ride went quickly as we, as always, listened to Harry Potter on the way! And enjoyed the lovely scenery.

The cabin was AWESOME! Our favorite part was definitely the fireplace, as we do not have one but do possess a dream of one. It had one bedroom, a living room, bathroom, tiny kitchen, and fireplace area. Everything we could want for a weekend away.

We’ve found our happy place. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/16964314 Here is the listing; it is more than worth it!

Another great thing we realized is that it is one hour from Harrisonburg, where we have visited a couple of other times. We went to eat dinner (sadly I was not on top of my game as far as picture taking went!) and shared a flight before heading back after dinner.

The next day it was rainy and for the most part, we stayed inside the cabin. We went out once to grab sandwiches for lunch in town. There used to be a brewery which we were disappointed to see has packed up and vacated the town. The town is nothing fancy and did not have a ton of options but we were happy to have sandwiches and cook our own food for other meals…

We departed  (obligingly) the next day, greatly disappointed to be leaving our beloved cabin. But we made the day a good one with another dose of Harry Potter, beautiful scenery, and a few stops at some breweries!

First stop was Escutcheon Brewing in Winchester, VA.

This was a great brewery, equipped with a cool bartender and great beer. Another plus is that they sell ‘crawlers’ which enable you to buy beer for two without spending an arm and a leg on more than you need! (I thought the name was awesome and ordered a crowler of my favorite, allowing me to extend our trip one more night in our home the next day!)

If you’re into beer, Leesburg, VA is definitely a good place to stop. We went here after Winchester and stopped at two breweries. Great beer, great locations. The town is one that can be enjoyed by all. It’s adorable and very picturesque.

At Black Hoof we ordered the pretzels which came with two full-size pretzels and awesome dip choices. (We loved the beer cheese.) And at Crooked Run, I ordered the last of the keg and was given my beer on the house!

Such a fun weekend full of relaxation and exploration of new places. Gotta love Valentine’s Day.

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