beaches in october



With a hectic start to the school year and working oh-so-many hours, we decided to get away and take a weekend just for us. Being that we aren’t beach enthusiasts during the summer, we thought we’d venture out to a few desirable locations now that the crowds have presumably died down: Ocean City, MD, Assateague Island, and Rehoboth Beach. Just got back a few hours ago and as Matt settled back into our reality of Sunday in front of the computer for work, I couldn’t wait to relive the experience and look back at our photos. Here I am reliving it through writing, and I realize that it was the perfect way to decompress before another upcoming week of almost pure work.

We left Thursday night from Philly, and settled into our hotel a bit late. On our way we stopped in Delaware for some beer and grabbed Barbecue for dinner. We arrived at our hotel and saw our first ever view of the beach from our hotel room! What a luxury… we opened the door to the balcony and allowed the sound of the waves to wash over us as we slept without an alarm to wake us the next morning. Sometimes a full night’s sleep is what is needed in order to realize how much work has been draining from you! Best part? We paid about $6 for this room! We stayed at Paradise Plaza Inn (3 9th Street Ocean City, MD), and used our freebie room after all the nights we stayed at hotels over the summer! Score! Such a great deal…


Best part of waking up to the beach? Car parade! We watched from our balcony as the beautiful old cars drove down the street. Without thinking too hard about it we decided to take a walk outside. The exhaust from these old cars was a bit much; we soon felt we had enough and just ventured on to breakfast, but it was an unexpected treat to have something so unique to witness first thing!

After breakfast we walked the boardwalk! Grabbed some candy, took photos, and took our time, which, as we’ve been working seemingly nonstop, we hadn’t realized is such a luxury. We saw amazing things but the reminder to slow down and enjoy in-the-moment times was probably the most valuable part of this trip.

Some sights from the walk on the Ocean City boardwalk:


Towards the end of the boardwalk the sun was hiding behind clouds and we felt a bit hungry so we decided to have some soup with an ocean view. As we saw crowds gathering just outside our window, we heard that there were dolphins! Been to Florida quite a few times, and this was somehow the first dolphin sighting of our lives!


Didn’t bring a great zoom lens but seeing them in person is the only way to go about dolphin watching, anyway…

Next stop!? Assateague Island! If you haven’t heard of this place, it’s an island with wild horses roaming about. If you ever go to camp, book early! We were able to squeeze a reservation into the state park about a month ago, but the national park campsites were already filled up by then. We drove by them the next day and saw that they’re probably the better option. Lesson learned: plan early! But, Assateague is only about a 20-minute drive from Ocean City so hotelling it is also an option if you’re up for a day trip from Ocean City!

We arrived and set up our tent, took a nap, and when we woke up we immediately saw a horse roaming around the campsite! (We were woken up by the sound of (happily) screaming children.) It was truly exciting…


We decided to take a walk along the beach and then eat dinner. It’s been so long since I spent time behind the camera with nowhere to be…


Loved the color of the sky… a perfect mix of dark, beautiful clouds and no rain!

There are restaurants just 10-15 minutes of the park, so we drove out and had dinner at the Green Turtle. Beware: in Ocean City they’ll give you tons of coupons. We thought we had one for the Green Turtle but when we arrived the waitress pointed out that the coupon was for one particular location. A bit of a bummer but it was a sports bar and therefore not too expensive anyway.

The next morning we admired the view a bit more…


…and went hiking! It was pretty swampy in some areas, apparently a nor’easter out in the ocean inspired some flooding…IMG_4994fullsizeoutput_645dIMG_5002

…but other trails were fine! Loved this particular hike through the sand:

After our hike we decided to stop through Berlin, MD (a bit depressing as we’ve been to the one in Germany just this summer but we tried not to dwell on it! :). Small town with a brewery!

Ate a small lunch at Burley Cafe (17 Jefferson Street Berlin, MD)! Loved it here – their counters were lined with albums and album covers, while their food and drink was just what we needed midday when we were starting to feel the slight crash from our hike!

From here we walked to the brewery – Burley Oak Brewing Company (10016 Old Ocean City Blvd Berlin, MD), which was a fine walk, but was through the suburbs. Do-able, but not picturesque. We loved our beer though – mostly sours that were super fruity (seriously – tasted like only slightly watered down baby food with the perfect touches of alcohol!). Loved each one.

Berlin is adorable. We stopped at an independent bookstore, pushed enough self-control that we didn’t stop at the abundance of pastry shops, and enjoyed the sun…

Wish we were bigger car people… seemed like the cars from Ocean City ended up here! Lined the streets of Berlin for more views of old, beautiful cars.

From here we drove to Rehoboth Beach and although we were slightly disappointed with our choice of hotel, we loved our stay here as well…

Found a book shop where I bought my new Philip Pullman book…


and enjoyed the walks.

Already thinking about when to take our next adventure…

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