let’s get away anyway

Driving germany

In an effort to make the best of being safe and healthy inside during our Safer at Home mandate in Philadelphia, we found ourselves cancelling even the smallest of trips – camping – due to weather that wouldn’t allow for us to cook, while the restaurants and eating-out options are, of course, super limited. Today I’m traveling through memory – again – back to a trip that, at this point, happened over a year ago. It’s hard to believe because we feel as if we remember every detail while looking through our photos – it all seems so real and so recent – but after a year, in reality, it’s really not. Today, I’m going to just get away anyway.

Our total trip was about 5 hours of driving:

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 2.11.23 PM

We left from Landau (which we were truly okay with) and headed to Meersburg – an old romantic town, on the German shore of the lake, about 50 minutes along the coast. 287CDDFA-C466-4E74-837F-307C21786667_1_201_a

As you can see, an absolutely breathtaking area that afforded us a morning of walking around, breathing in the lovely air and stopping for some chicken fingers and fries after window shopping along the beautiful streets.

This was Meersburg – the perfect blend of colors on their buildings in the midst of the lake air, fragrant trees, and flowers. We didn’t stay long, but we enjoyed exploring yet another new area of Germany.

From here we visited a small desolate town called Sickingen…

Not much at all was going on there – I believe one small shop was open, we couldn’t even find a pub or bar to go into. But, it was a lovely feeling to be in the quiet of small-town Germany while imagining the history that sits within.

Our last part of the day was arriving at Rothenburg!


This was our favorite moment of the day, as we had been looking forward to staying here, and we were tired from the drive and stops along the way. All in all, it was about 5 hours in the car. Not a problem, as just about all drives through Germany are beyond beautiful, but we enjoyed realizing that we were at our destination!

We stayed at Glocke A. u. K. Thürauf – Ploenlein 1 Rothenburg ob der Tauber – for $124, including breakfast. Driving through this little town is a bit scary and we were fortunate because this hotel had parking (which we made sure of before booking – finding yourself with a car and no parking spot while abroad is not a situation we hoped to be in!). We drove through their tiny street, were able to park (I got out because it made me so nervous to drive in such a small space!), got to our room, and were elated when finding out that although it was late, dinner in the restaurant within our hotel had not yet ended and there was a table with our names on it.

Dinner was delicious – beer and great food – followed by a nighttime walking tour! We were given a guide at the hotel, although here is another:


You can choose to do a long or short tour. We chose the short one at night, and did the long one the next morning. A huge tip for visiting Rothenburg: if you arrive in the evening and venture out early-ish the next morning, you will miss tourists, who arrive in buses and tend to stay during the late morning through early evening. We felt fortunate that we were on our way out, and had seen the sights we wanted to see just as the buses were coming in, because it got CROWDED. (So strange to think of now during COVID!)

Also, we loved the Christmas shop here, which hosts a huge booth at Philadelphia’s Christmas Village each year. It was surreal to visit a real store in Germany, and theirs is open all year, so we were able to window shop at night, and visit in the morning!


This is the store’s website: https://kaethe-wohlfahrt.com/en/home/

Just walking around is enough here – aside from dinner the previous night, and the hotel fee, I don’t believe we spent any money. Small picturesque towns with walking tours available are always high on our list. Definitely worth a visit, and we truly felt like we experienced everything we wanted to in less than 24 hours!

As you can see from above, we were able to explore with little-to-no interference from others while touring.

Rothenburg is a must-visit space that doesn’t require a ton of time and money, but will stick in your memory for a long while. Next time you’re in Germany…


One thought on “let’s get away anyway

  1. Wow, to Rothenburg looks absolutely amazing! I had a chance to visit Munich last year and fell in love with Germany. Would love to return one day when it’s safe to do so. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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